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ENOVEO was founded in 2008 and specializes in environmental microbiology, chemistry and biotechnologies. ENOVEO is the result of collaboration between researchers at the University of Lyon and contaminated site management professionals.


The ATLANTIDE Project (Integrative approach of molecular biology and isotopic fractionation for determination of in situ biodegradation kinetics of chlorinated ethenes) proposed by ENOVEO has won the call for GESIPOL project launched by ADEME.

ENOVEO US launched

ENOVEO is invited by the Embassy of France in India to participate in Indo-French Water Network


ENOVEO launches environmental technology validation (ETV) procedure to validate its new generation of microbial biosensors.

MADS Project (microbial mechanisms behind the production of H2S in urban networks), winner of the call for innovated projects (INNOV’R).

Launch of the European Research Project Love-to-hate (Pesticides: felicity or curse for the microbial community?) on the fate of pesticides in agricultural soils.

SMILE project (Metrological Station for Online Monitoring of Urban Water) funded by the French government/company collaborative funding agency (FUI).


ENOVEO is approved by the Ministry of Research for the research tax credit for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Launch of the BOREAL project (Biocalcification of Hydraulic Engineering Works).

First pilot test of our microbial biosensor NODE, winner of the innovation “INNOV’R” Trophy.


Development of ENOVEO in Asia with the establishment of Enoveo Biosolutions based in India


Installation in our current headquarters and laboratories in the heart of Lyon, France.


Development and initial applications of our environmental biotechnology (biosensors, passive samplers…).


Development and application of new molecular biology tools applied to polluted sites and the management of microbial resources at these sites.


Creation and start of ENOVEO

Incubation at the Ecole Centrale of Lyon (engineering school – part of the University of Lyon).

ENOVEO certified as a Young Innovative Company (YIC).

ENOVEO Worldwide

In order to offer more rapid and regional response, ENOVEO is currently located in France, India and the US.

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Enoveo is specialized in consulting and expertise in microbiology and chemistry, the development of biotechnologies applied to the environment, and the management of microbial resources.

ENOVEO is a recognized leader in the field of Microbial Resource Management. The skills developed by ENOVEO in environmental biotechnology can help you manage your projects.

ENOVEO is a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers who are internationally recognized for their expertise in environmental biotechnology.

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The team

Sandra Entresangles graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master degree in Applied Microbial Ecology from the University of Lyon, France. Within ENOVEO, she is responsible for technical projects, organized industrial conferences with environmental professionals and corporate EHS. She provides details about ENOVEO’s technical solutions and corresponding costs.

Cédric Malandain has been involved for almost 10 years in the development and application of molecular biology tools (MBTs) to environmental engineering. He has a PhD in environmental microbiology from the University of Lyon during which he helped develop ETBE (gasoline additive) bioluminescent biosensors in collaboration with the Center of Environmental Biotechnology (Knoxville, Tennessee) and the IFP (former French Petroleum Institute – now IFPEN) in Paris. Since joining ENOVEO as a Chief Project Manager, Cédric has been responsible for the development and application of applied environmental molecular biology tools and biotechnology.

Céline Baguelin is a project engineer with ENOVEO after having completed her Bachelors in Biochemistry at the University of Rouen and her Masters in Microbial Ecology at the University of Lyon in France. She is responsible for bioengineering projects concerning soil and site bioremediation as well as chemical compound biodegradation.

Jean-Michel Monier has worked for 20 years in the field of environmental microbiology. He received his MS in Microbial Ecology and his PhD in Environmental Science from the University of California at Berkeley (USA). His research has focused on different environmental issues, such as soil quality, the development of microbial bio-indicators, horizontal gene transfer, the spread of antibiotic resistance genes, the assessment of bioprocess performance, and the study of microbial biofilms in natural and industrial environments. Jean-Michel joined the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (engineering school in the University of Lyon) in 2006 to develop microbial fuel cell technology for various environmental applications (energy recovery from wastewater, biosensors...). Co-founder of ENOVEO, he joined the company full time in 2012 when he became the head of the development of microbial biosensors for monitoring aquatic environments and the scientific coordination of R&D projects.

Olivier Sibourg is an analytical chemist with over 20 years of experience in the remediation and environmental chemistry of polluted soil and groundwater. He has extensive experience ranging from analytical procedures and regulatory requirements to data management and analyses. He has participated in research and development of petroleum hydrocarbon, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) and chlorinated solvent (and other pollutant) remediation technologies. Olivier has over 15 years of experience in managing (as CEO) environmental companies including ENOVEO and a leading European environmental analytical company.