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Innovation for environmental business development: partnerships, research programs, R&D areas...

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Licensed by the Department of National Education, Higher Education and Research under the Research Tax Credit, ENOVEO puts R&D at the center of its development and innovation in order to provide added value to its customers.

We concentrate our R&D efforts to develop the skills and solutions to help our customers develop economic solutions to their environmental issues.

R&D as a key to our competitiveness

MICROARCTIC: Microorganisms in warming arctic environments
(H2020, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action, ITN). 2015-2018

EL Hamico: Electrochemical harnessing of microbial communities
(ANR RISK OH). 2015-2018

ATLANTIDE: Integrative approach of molecular biology and isotopic fractionation for in situ determination of biodegradation kinetics of chlorinated ethylenes
(ADEME). 2015-2018

SMILE: Metrological station to monitor urban waters
(FUI). 2014-2017

BOREAL: Biocalcification for reinforcement of hydraulic structures
(FUI). 2013-2017

LOVE-TO-HATE: Pesticides: Felicity or curse for the soil microbial community?
(FP7-PEOPLE, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action IAPP). 2014-2016

MADS: Master, anticipate and detect the formation of hydrogen sulfide in urban networks
(INNOV’R). 2015-2016

NODE: Microbial biosensors for real-time monitoring of water quality in urban, industrial and natural environments
(INNOV’R – Rhône-Alpes Region). 2013-2014

KINETIC: Biodegradation kinetics of aliphatic organochlorine compounds on polluted sites
(ADEME). 2011-2013

ADEME: Characterization of the activity of microbial communities involved in the degradation of chlorinated solvents through the use of molecular biology tools
(ADEME). 2009-2010

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